15 Cranberry Recipes for Thanksgiving

by Julie Cohn
15 Cranberry Recipes for Thanksgiving2

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Who loves cranberries?  We do!  Cranberries are sweet and tangy little pops of joy in every mouthful!  Are you looking for a few recipes with cranberry to jazz up your Thanksgiving?  These 15 cranberry recipes for Thanksgiving from A Cork, Fork, & Passport and our friends, with ideas for appetizers, side dishes, main dish, desserts, and cocktails will be the highlight of your table, with guests coming back for seconds and thirds!


15 Cranberry Recipes for Thanksgiving

Fifteen delicious Cranberry recipes for appetizers, main dish, dessert, and even cocktail recipes to make your Thanksgiving spectacular!


Side Dishes

Main Dish 



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Pauline Putman 10/30/2019 at 3:35 am

HI Julie I love reading these comments you are living in Schoharie County right???
I can’t believe I found this website. I make jumbles from my mother’in ‘laws recipe years
ago. I would love to hear from you

Julie Cohn 10/30/2019 at 7:05 am

Thank you so much, Pauline! I am from upstate New York but not Schoharie County, but my husband is. We did live in Albany for a while but have lived in Phoenix for 20 years. We do still go back to visit a couple of times each year. Did your family call them Jumbles or Jumbos?


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