About Julie Cohn

About Julie Cohn

Hi.  My name is Julie and I am the head writer, editor, photographer, recipe developer, publisher, and dishwasher at A Cork, Fork, & Passport, a popular digital e-zine now in its 13th year of publication!



As an accomplished food, travel, and lifestyle expert, professional recipe developer, and cocktail/wine mixologist, 99.9% of the recipes featured on A Cork, Fork, & Passport are my original creation.  As part of my business, I often work professionally with companies to create imaginative and delicious original recipes and/or content for their brand. A year ago, I started a quest toward a healthier lifestyle, incorporating clean eating with mindful exercise.  I am currently in the process of converting many of my recipes over to natural ingredients, with an emphasis on Mediterranean diet-style eating.  My goal is to have 50% of my recipes converted to wholesome clean eating and 50% as decadent indulgences. Yes, you will find butter and sugar on this site, I am a gourmet home cook after all, but I try to balance it with whole healthy ingredients too! 


In addition to writing for my own publication, I have worked as a freelance travel writer for print and online publications including the London Telegraph and Parks and Travel magazine. I am a designated travel expert at Flipboard and was a featured speaker at the 2018 Women in Travel Summit in Quebec. In addition, I am an expert in social media marketing and technology, with extensive WordPress, web design, and digital marketing experience.

As a 30+ year veteran of the travel industry as a corporate travel manager & meeting planner, I am the owner of Wander & Bloom Travel, a full-service travel agency specializing in corporate and leisure travel, and concierge services. 

I am a member of the North American Travel Journalist Association, The International Travel Writers Alliance, Travel Massive, and The American Society of Travel Advisors. My travel writing profile can be viewed on TravMedia.

Home Lifestyle

A growing segment on A Cork, Fork, & Passport is the home lifestyle section.  In addition to sharing occasional family anecdotes as a wife and mother (including as a mother of a young adult), I share DIY, crafting, home technology, and home & garden design ideas, as well as wellness, self-care, beauty/fashion, and fitness tips.  

Personal: Julie Cohn

 I am a GenX wife, mother, and doxie lover. I was raised in upstate New York, have lived in several states across the United States, but have called Arizona home for over twenty years.   My husband and I have an adult son who just graduated college (summa cum laude), and is home with us until he leaves for grad school.  When not working, I enjoy traveling, cooking, music, reading, hiking, skiing, and photography. I have also become a very outspoken activist for social and political issues.   

Thank you for visiting, I hope you enjoy your time here at A Cork, Fork, & Passport.   If you have any questions, please use the comment box at the bottom of each article and I will get back to you within a few hours.  

♥ Julie 

PS:  If you enjoy fantasy/science fiction/horror stories, be sure to check out my son’s original writing serials at Cohnquest.com  

 PSS: I love to hear from my readers, so please feel free to reach out with any questions or comments about the content on A Cork, Fork, & Passport. 

jules (at) acorkforkandpassport.com 

I also love to work with relevant brands!  If you are a brand or media agency and would like to form a professional partnership with me, find out how you can work with me here.  

Note: I am not at all interested in SEO services, growth hacking products, unnatural link exchanges, spammy guest post content, or other tactics that violate Google’s terms of service. This is a business for me, I have worked hard to build this site, I respect the readers who come to my site, and will not damage the integrity of the content on this site with illegal and unnatural content. Do not contact me with unethical business practices, your email will be deleted and you will be blocked.