St Germain Infused White Sangria2

St. Germain Infused White Sangria

written by Julie Cohn

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This St. Germain Infused White Sangria is light and refreshing for spring entertaining.  Fresh apples, citrus fruit, and strawberries are blended infused with St Germain liqueuer. Have you used St Germain before?  St. Germain is a fine french liqueur created from elderflower blossoms hand-picked in the Alps, then immediately sent for processing to lock in their delicate flavor.

The flavor of St. Germain is exquisite-hints of grapefruit, peach, and pear mingled together in a delicately sweet liqueur.  One small splash can turn a basic cocktail into a aperitif fit for a king.   It is a lovely addition to any cocktail, especially this fruit-infused white sangria.  Since the elderflower blossom is rare, a bottle of St. Germain is expensive…a 750 ml bottle is about $35.00, so it should be used sparingly…unless you are using it to make this ambrosial Sangria and then by all means, pour away!

St. Germain Infused White Sangria

This sangria is so refreshing, and makes a wonderful spring & summer party cocktail.  Traditional sangria recipes call for brandy, but the St. Germain adds a lighter, fruitier flavor to the sangria-perfect for this time of year.

St. Germain Infused Sangria Blanca

  • 1-2 Ripe Apples (I used Gala)
  • 1/2 c. St. Germain
  • 1 Large Navel Orange
  • 1 Lime
  • 3 Tbsp Super Fine Sugar
  • 3-4 Strawberries
  • 1 Bottle Prosecco

Wash, core, and slice the apples, and then cut into bite size pieces. Place the apples in a large bowl and add the St.  Germain.   Soak the apples in the St. Germain for about an hour, and then pour the apples and St. Germain into a large pitcher.  Slice the orange and lime, and cut the slices in half.

Add the slices to the pitcher, sprinkle with the super fine sugar, and then muddle* the oranges, lime, and apples.  Wash, and slice the strawberries and add to the pitcher.  Let the fruits “marinate” in the St. Germain for about two hours.  Just before serving, add the Prosecco.  Because Prosecco is carbonated, you should serve the sangria immediately after adding the Prosecco, so you do not lose the bubbles.  Serve the sangria on ice, as the cold makes the flavors “pop”!

Sangria 5

*To muddle a drink, take a wooden spoon or muddling tool and mash the sugar into the fruit.

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Santiago 06/21/2014 at 3:09 pm

What unit of measurement is “1/2 c of St – Germain”? Thank you and can’t wait to try this sangria.


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