25 Top Secret Tips For Disneyland

by Julie Cohn

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Disneyland is one of our favorite places in the whole world to visit!  We’ve been to the park over sixty times, so have learned a thing or two along the way to get the most out of our Disney experience.  I am passing these 25 Top Secret Tips For Disneyland onto you so your visit is more enjoyable too, but don’t tell anyone else, these Disney hacks are our little secret!  I hope these tips make your Disneyland trip the best ever!

25 Top Secret Tips For Disneyland

Walt Disney

1.  The front row of Space Mountain offers the best thrill ride.

2.  The back row of the boats on Pirates of the Caribbean are the most fun (and wettest).

3.  The right lane is faster loading on Pirates of the Caribbean.

4.  Use fast passes every chance you can get to avoid long lines.

Jungle cruise

5.  The left lane is faster loading for Jungle Cruise.

6.  Ask one of the Monorail conductors if you can sit in the front or back of the monorail.  The front can seat 3-4 people; the back up to six.

7.  The line for Dole Whips is shorter when you go inside the Tiki Room waiting area.

Tiki Room

8.  You can take Dole Whips inside the Tiki Room!

Dole Whip

9.  Go on Autopia while everyone else is at the fireworks.  The lines are shorter and you can see the fireworks while you drive!

Autopia10.  Bring plastic baggies to put your phone and camera in while going on wet rides.


11.  Disneyland Park and California Adventure’s fast pass systems are not connected, so you can get passes in one park, then jump over to the other park to get another fast pass.

12.  On hot summer days, make sure you stop into the Hyperion Theater in California Adventure for Frozen.  The theater is air-conditioned and your family will love the fun Broadway-style musical show!

13.  If your kids need to let off some steam, visit The Redwood Challenge (California Adventure) or Tom Sawyer’s Island (Disneyland), where they can run, crawl, and climb.

14.  The room above the firehouse is Walt Disney’s apartment.  The light stays lit to honor him.

15.  In the second room of Buzz Lightyear, where Emperor Zurg swings his cape, there is a small Z on his chest worth 50,000 points.  You have to hit it just right though!

Bengal BBQ16.  For a quick lunch, grab a kebab at Bengal Barbeque.

Tea Cups

17.  The purple teacup on the Mad Hatter Teacup ride is the fastest.

18.  Rub the golden apple inside Snow White’s Scary Adventure for a spooky surprise.  Also look at the outside window above Snow White’s Scary Adventure to see who peeks out every now and then.

19.  As you go through the Indiana Jones line, you will come to a large room with scaffolding.  In the center of that room is a well with a sign that says “Caution: Do not Pull Rope!”–pull it and see what happens!

20.  You can get a “death certificate” on the Haunted Mansion ride if you ask nicely when you enter the ride.

Train Station

21.  You can ask for a secret map at the end of the Jungle Cruise ride.

22.  There is a secret seat for two on the train! Go to the Main Street station and ask the conductor if you can have a “tender seat”.

23.  When you ride the Mark Twain Steamboat, ask if you can pilot the boat.  If the conductor lets you, you can steer the wheel and toot the horn.

24.  Book an outside table for dinner at The Carnation Cafe for around 6pm and you can watch the parade while you eat.

25.  You can be part of the act for the first Laughing Stock Co. show in front of the Golden Horseshoe Saloon in Frontierland.  The actors pick three audience members to be part of their very funny “bachelor” show.

The Golden Horseshoe


Before you go to Disneyland, make sure you print my Disneyland Scavenger Hunt game to play with family and friends and use these Ten Must-have iPhone Apps for Disneyland!





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Mary Frances 05/05/2015 at 3:47 pm

How fun! I have 2 boys myself. We did a lot when they were younger but I don’t think I could ever have done Disneyland over 60 times! That’s A LOT! Love your great photos by the way.

Karin 05/06/2015 at 9:39 am

Really fun tips – thanks for sharing!

laurencoty 04/24/2017 at 4:34 am

I’ve always been a Disney World girl, but these tips are making me want to plan a trip. If you’re even at Disney World, check out my post on 10 things I wish I would have known. http://www.likealocaltraveler.com/disney-world-planning-tips/

Andi 04/26/2017 at 4:16 pm

Great tip about the ziploc bag! Why do they turn the light off when Disney’s daughters are visiting?

Julie Cohn 04/26/2017 at 6:17 pm

I believe they turn the light off because a Disney is “in the house” so to speak. When there is not a Disney in the building, the light stays on out of respect for Walt. 🙂


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