We Are Becoming Luxe Journeys Travel!


Cork, Fork, & Passport Travel is becoming Luxe Journeys Travel!  

WHY?  Honestly, while I love the name A Cork, Fork, & Passport for my food and travel e-zine, it was too long a title for a travel business.  Luxe Journeys is short and sweet and reflects the direction I am going in with my business–luxury travel and travel concierge services.

HOW?  A Cork, Fork, & Passport LLC is still my parent company, so I am still legally covered under this corporation while I complete the transition.   I am in the process of creating the LLC for my new name as well as the trademark, and am registered in my home state of Arizona with my business.  I am the process of letting my vendors know of the change, as well as updating my travel sellers licenses, trade affiliations, and other legal entities.  This transition will be finalized by 11/30/18.

HOW DOES THIS AFFECT YOU?  For my current customers, I am slowly transitioning into the new name so it will not affect current bookings and will not impact your reservations in any way.  You may notice a new name on the top of your customized itinerary and invoices, but on the reservation side, I am not advising suppliers until all current bookings are completed so there is not confusion.   For new customers, during the transition you will still see my business as Cork Fork & Passport Travel until the legal paperwork is completed, but again, this will not affect any bookings you make with me.

HOW CAN I CONTACT YOU?  You can reach me at jules@acorkforkandpassport.com for now, but I will soon have a Luxe Journeys email.  Also, I am in the process of building a separate website for Luxe Journeys, so you will be able to reach me at the new website when it goes live, but if you wish to book a trip with me now, please fill out one of my current booking forms.  As always, you can reach me by phone at 323-521-9751 from 9 a.m. PT – 7 p.m. PT.

Contact Information:

  • jules@acorkforkandpassport.com
  • 323-521-9751 (Please leave a message if I am on another call, I will get back to you as quickly as possible.)
  • I am available Monday – Friday from 9 a.m. – 7 p.m. PT and Saturday and Sunday by appointment.  Because I am located in Arizona, I have extended evening hours to accommodate east coast clients who may want to call after work.