Travel Forms

Please use the following forms to initiate a travel booking request, fill out a travel profile, make a concierge service request with Cork, Fork, & Passport Travel.


Travel Booking Request

If you would like to make travel plans with Cork Fork & Passport travel, please fill out the following form so I can research itineraries, pricing, and trip information.  This form is transmitted automatically, and I will get back to you within two hours of transmission with travel information and/or additional questions.   Please note that there is a $25-50 per hour fee for trip research.  This fee may be waived if you make travel arrangements with us.


Traveler Profile Forms

To book travel with us, we need to know your preferences, frequent flier numbers, and secure traveler information.  The more we know, the more we can accommodate your requests!

Please fill out the following forms for each traveler in your booking party.

Note:  All information received is secure and confidential.  Our forms are comprehensive,  but we may need to ask you additional questions depending on your destination.

Thank you!


Concierge Request Services Form

When you plan a vacation, you do not want to have to worry about the little details.  Let us book customized services to make your vacation extraordinary, including port excursions, event and theater tickets, spa or golf reservations, nanny/babysitting services, ski/surf rentals, grocery shopping, and many other requests.

Please fill out this concierge form so we can customize your trip!