RegenFX Anti Aging Skincare Products

written by Julie Cohn

RegenFX Anti Aging Products

Let’s be honest.  No one wants to get older, and even worse, no one wants to look older.  Some days I have the mind of an eighteen year old (and some days the mind of a ten-year old, but I digress),  and I want to look the way I feel.  But when I look in the mirror and see all those fine lines and sagging skin around my eyes, I feel 100 years old!  On top of it all, there are so many products on the market that promise to make me look twenty years younger, but when I use them, they are either too harsh for my skin or do nothing.  Then I read about RegenFX Anti Aging Skincare Products.

{I was provided with samples of RegenFX products to try but my opinions are 100% my own. }

RegenFX Anti Aging Skincare Products

The RegenFX anti aging skincare products don’t make unrealistic promises, but they state they can help make visible changes not just on the surface, but on the cellular level of skin, as well as protect skin from the sun, environment, and stress.  RegenFX products are “…designed to deliver intense nourishment for lifting, volumizing, hydrating, toning, and oxygenating the skin at both the topical and cellular levels.”  I knew had to give RegenFX a try.

The Products

I was sent three RengenFX essentials products to try:

RegenFX Total Regeneration Eye Gel

  • Total Regeneration Eye Gel – Encapsulated amino acids help diminish fine lines while increasing collagen levels around the eye.  Retails for approximately $39.95


RegenFX Ultimate Hyaluronic Complex Serum

  •  Ultimate Hyaluronic Complex Serum– A fast absorbing serum with natural hyaluronic acid, offering intense hydration to improve moisture, making skin plumper and more vibrant.  Retails for approximately $39.95.

RegenFX Age Defying Moisturizer

  • Age-Defying Moisturizer– An all-in-one face moisturizer with tetrapeptides, vitamin C & E, and green tea extracts, offering all day hydration to skin.  Retails for approximately $42.00.


  • Provides structural lift and reduction of wrinkles (immediate and long term peptides, vitamin C)
  • Increases skin tone and elasticity (blue and green copper)
  • Boosts oxygenation and metabolic performance (O2 complex, potassium, B vitamins)
  • Anti-inflammatory and reduces puffiness (zinc, grapefruit seed extract, pomegranate)
  • Absorbs quickly with deep level hydration (hyaluronic acid, carrot seed, Brazilian algae)

My Thoughts

Upon using the products the first time, I noticed a pleasant light minty scent.  The products were not greasy and felt light and airy on my skin, not sticky.  I have very sensitive skin and I have a lot of natural redness to my skin, so the first few days I used the hyaluronic acid serum, it irritated my skin a little bit, but not like products with retinal do.  I continued to use it and it made my skin look brighter and less red, and as my skin got used to the products, it was no longer irritated.  I have been using this for about two weeks now and overall notice more a vibrancy to my skin that I have not had for a few years.  The lines around my eye do appear diminished, and my eye lids are not as “puffy”.  Overall, I like the RegenFX products and will continue to use them to see my skin improve even more.

The Bottom Line

The eye gel, serum, and moisturizer cost about $40 each, but the package size is larger than most skin products, so you get more bang for your dollar.  I like that everything I need is in these three products, so I do not have six lotions and gels to put on every day, and I like that the ingredients are all natural.  The products work better than most other anti aging skincare products I have tried (with less irritation), so I feel these are worth the expense.

For more information about RegenFX skincare products, please visit their website.  You can purchase these products on Amazon.

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