New York Style Crumb Cake Muffins & Dadville Coffee

by Julie Cohn
New York Style Crumb Cake Muffins + Dadville Coffee

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Coffee and crumb cake pair together perfectly. This delicious recipe for New York style crumb cake in a bite-size muffin is perfect with a nice cup of Dadville Coffee for Father's Day!


It’s a universal truth that dads love crumb cake. The fluffy-sweet delectable delight that is crumb cake is an acceptable excuse to have dessert for breakfast, plus it pairs perfectly with coffee.  Now, imagine taking a crumb cake recipe and turning it into a convenient little (big!) muffin, ready for anytime snacking?  Introducing Dad-Friendly New York Style Crumb Cake Muffins, plus a delicious coffee pairing!


(I received a sample of Dadville coffee from Methodical Coffee Roasters but my opinions are my own)


New York Style Crumb Cake Muffins

My husband is obsessed with crumb cake, especially now that we moved back to New York. Every coffee shop, bakery, or deli we stop at, he has to grab a chunk (or two) of delicious cinnamon-topped crumb cake to nimble for breakfast or a snack. New York Style Crumb Cake is a scrumptious delicacy for a reason. It is not just any ordinary coffee cake, it is a buttery-moist sweet cake overflowing with tender cinnamon-kissed crumbs. There is no other cake in the world exactly like New York Style Crumb Cake.

Homemade New York Style Crumb Cake Muffin recipe

When my family finds something they enjoy eating (a lot), I try to learn how to make it homemade. But…getting my New York crumb cake recipe exactly like those iconic New York coffee shops and bakeries was not an easy task. I just couldn’t quite get it. I had a box full of recipes from my Mom and Grandmother but none of them came out tasting like the “real thing”.  Either the crumb was not crumbly enough, the cake dried out to quickly, or it came out soggy. It took me almost two years to perfect my recipe, but I can say without a shadow of a doubt that THIS IS IT!

Two aha moments:

  1. One of the biggest secrets in my journey of crumb cake baking was deciding that my crumb cake did not have to be a cake at all, I could make it as a muffin, smaller and more self-contained so the dough would not get soggy or dry out too quickly.  Plus, muffins are easier to eat and easier to carry.   
  2. The other secret is the fact that my New York Style Crumb Cake Muffins are at least 50% crumb. Yes, you heard that right. 50% of my crumb cake is crumb, not cake. When I layered more crumbs with cake batter, my crumb cake muffins went from ordinary to extraordinary. 

Dadville Coffee by Methodical Coffee Roasters 


Dadville Coffee paired with New York Style Crumb Cake Muffins

Every dad knows you can’t have crumb cake without a nice cuppa coffee to compliment the flavor profile. Dadville Coffee by Methodical coffee roasters makes the ideal coffee pairing with my New York Style Crumb Cake Muffins. The creamy chocolate, brown sugar, and graham cracker notes in Dadsville Coffee compliment the butter/vanilla/cinnamon flavor notes of the New York Style Crumb Cake Muffins. It’s almost as if Methodical Coffee Roasters created this blend JUST FOR my muffins! Sadly, they did not create it for me, they created it for the hilarious and often insightful Dadville Podcast hosted by musician/comedians Dave Barnes and John McLaughlin. 

Dadville Coffee Methodical Coffee Roasters paired with New York Style Crumb Cake Muffins

Methodical Coffee is a South Carolina-based coffee roaster started in 2014, with an emphasis on transparancy and substainability. Over the past several years Methodical has received acclaimed press coverage in Condé Nast Traveller, Travel & Leisure, Epicurious, and more. Bon Appetit named Methodical as “one of the country’s best coffee shops”; Food & Wine named them “Best Coffee Shop in America in 2019 and 2022”. Methodical Coffee, partnered by Marco Suarez, Will Shurtz, and David Baker, operates three locations through South Carolina. They also ship their coffee worldwide so you can enjoy Dadville and their other roasts with your New York Style Crumb Cake Muffins too! 

Bottom line: If you are going to make this New York Style Crumb Cake recipe for Dad, grab yourself a package or two of Dadville Coffee to make the perfect Father’s Day (or every day) snack. 

Methodical Coffee Roasters


New York Style Crumb Cake Muffins
Yield: 18 regular or 12 large muffins

New York Style Crumb Cake Muffins

Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 40 minutes
Total Time: 55 minutes

Coffee and crumb cake go together perfectly and this delicious recipe for New York style crumb cake in a bite-size muffin is perfect with a nice cup of coffee!



  • 1 1/2 sticks (12 Tbsp) Unsalted butter, softened
  • 2 Large Eggs
  • 2/3 c. Buttermilk
  • 1 1/2 tsp Pure Vanilla
  • 2 1/2 c Cake Flour
  • 1/2 tsp Baking Powder
  • 1/2 tsp Baking Soda
  • 1/2 tsp Salt
  • 1 c. Granulated White Sugar
  • 2 tsp. Ground Cinnamon

Crumb Topping

  • 2/3 c. Brown Sugar
  • 2/3 C. Granulated White Sugar
  • 1/2 tsp Salt
  • 2 Tbsp. Ground Cinnamon
  • 2 1/2 c White All-Purpose Flour
  • Two sticks (12 Tbsp) Butter, melted


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.


Mix the butter, eggs, buttermilk, sugar, and vanilla extract together with an electric mixer until blended. In a separate bowl mix the dry ingredients. Slowly fold the dry ingredients into the wet and mix just until wet. Do not over mix this cake batter or your muffins will come out dry.

Crumb Topping

Melt the butter and set aside to cool slightly. Mix together the sugars, flour, cinnamon, and salt until well mixed. Slowly stir in the butter until crumbs form. Make certain all the dry mix is well blended into the butter. You may have larger crumbs and that is okay.

Grease a muffin pan or use muffin liners. Add about one tablespoon of cake batter to each muffin tin. Repeat with each tin. Using clean hands, grab a small handful (about 1 Tbsp) of the crumb mixture and squeeze it together to help the crumbs stick, then sprinkle over the batter. Repeat with the rest of the tins. Add another tablespoon of batter to each tin and repeat with another layer of crumbs. By the time you are done, your muffins should be layered cake batter/crumbs/cake batter/crumbs.

Bake in the oven for 40-42 minutes, until a cake tester comes out clean. Remove from the oven and set on a cookie rack to cool. Do not remove the muffins from the tin while warm as they will dry out.

Nutrition Information



Serving Size


Amount Per Serving Calories 380Total Fat 3gSaturated Fat 1gTrans Fat 0gUnsaturated Fat 1gCholesterol 35mgSodium 320mgCarbohydrates 82gFiber 2gSugar 38gProtein 7g

All nutrition information is approximate.


  • To make this a bit healthier use coconut sugar instead of white sugar. 
  • Use grass-fed butter 
  • The crumb mixture should be moist, not dry when you crumble it into the muffins. 


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