Ten iPhone Apps For Disneyland

written by Julie Cohn

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Disneyland may be the happiest place on earth,  but sometimes the crowds, long lines, and wait times can test your patience and make your kids (and you) a little cranky.  It is times like this that you need a little Disney intervention!  These innovative iPhone apps for Disneyland will help you plan your day, make dining reservations, optimize your time, and make being at Disneyland relaxing and even more fun!  And guess what?  Many of these apps are available on Android phones too, and most are free.

iPhone Apps For Disneyland

1. Disneyland Wait Times  (Free)

This app has sections for both Disneyland and California Adventure.  The app will give you the wait times for every major ride, and will even tell you if a ride is closed.

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2.  Disneyland Dining

(.99 cents)

This app lists dining options for Disneyland, California Adventure, Downtown Disney, and the Disneyland Resorts, as well as price range for each restaurant, type of service, type of cuisine, and if reservations are required.  They even list menus, if available.

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3.  Disneyland Maps


This app features maps for both Disneyland and California Adventure, and includes locations for park rides, restaurants, snack bars, restrooms, and first aid.  It also features wait times for major rides.

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4.  Weather Plus for Disney Parks


Wondering whether you will need that sweater or rain slicker when you go into the parks for the day?  The Weather Plus app gives you current weather conditions, including wind speed (good to know if you are wondering if they will cancel fireworks).  You can also get future forecasts, hourly conditions, weather advisories, radar, and even access to weather stations.  One of my favorite features are the Cams, which show live feeds of conditions in several areas.  (This app also features weather information for Disney World)

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5.  Disneyland Inside Out


This app is part of the popular website, Disney Inside Out.  Not only can you get information on attractions, dining, shops, and guest services, but you also have access to the Disneyland Inside Out discussion boards, Twitter and Facebook feeds, and trip planning information in the Resort Guide.  One of my favorite features is the calendar, where you can put in your travel dates and see attendance estimates, park hours, and entertainment schedules.

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6.  Disneyland Magic Guide


If you are willing to pay the fee, this app includes all the features of Disney Dining, Disney Wait Times, and Disneyland Maps, as well as a guide to current events and park hours, all in one app.

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7.  Disneyland Explorer


This is a great app to get children excited about a trip to Disneyland because it gives the viewer an interactive look at all the attractions in the park, including trivia.  (Note:  This app takes up a lot of storage on iPhone)

iphone apps for Disneyland 9


8.  Disneyland Hidden Mickeys


If you love to search for Hidden Mickey’s like my family does, you can do it on your own, of use this app for a little extra help. The app lists Hidden Mickey’s for every major ride and where to look for them.

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9.  Wishing Stars Disneyland


If you are looking for something unique to do while at Disneyland, this is perfect, because it is an interact game you play life while in the park!   The game uses your phone GPS to offer clues for each “quest” and shows you parts of Disneyland you may not have explored before.

iphone apps for Disneyland 6

10.  Heads Up

(.99 cents)

While not a true “Disneyland” app, when your kids are standing in line, bored, this game will be a happy lifesaver. (You can thank me later.)  Place the phone on the forehead of the person guessing the answers, then the game will give words or phrases to everyone else, and they will give you clues so you can guess the answers.  This is one of Ellen DeGeneres favorite games, and it will quickly become yours too!  Because many of the words involve pop culture that younger children may not know or understand, this is best for ages eight and older, but is appropriate for 4+.

iphone apps for Disneyland 10

These iPhone Apps for Disneyland are awesome, aren’t they?  What are some of your Disney iPhone apps you cannot live without?  Be sure to check out my 25 Top Secret Tips for Disneyland when you go to Disneyland too, to make your visit extra special!

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Heidi 06/20/2014 at 9:45 am

This is such a clever idea!! I especially love the Disneyland Wait times (so neat)! Heads Up is a wonderful app! My boyfriend and I whip it out whenever we’re bored =D

Jane Ann Murphy 08/22/2017 at 2:33 am

The Solar Eclipse pictures are awesome!! Thanks for taking them Julie. I was busy inside.

Julie Cohn 08/22/2017 at 2:35 am

Thank you Jane!


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