Five Haunted Hotels to Visit In Arizona

by Julie Cohn

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Arizona has a colorful history as part of the old west, but outlaw cowboys and unsavory “wild west” denizens are a thing of the past…or are they?  Here are five haunted hotels to visit in Arizona, where ghosts of yesteryear still wander the halls, ready to greet you at check-in. Stay at one of these hotels if you dare, but be sure to sleep with one eye open!

The Copper Queen Hotel, Bisbee

Photo by Clay Gilliland

Photo courtesy of Clay Gilliland

Bisbee, located about 100 miles southeast of Tucson, was once one of the largest copper mining towns in Arizona.  Bisbee’s population dropped when the mining industry declined in the 1960’s, but by the mid 1970’s, Bisbee re-established itself as a popular tourist destination, with the Copper Queen Hotel as the jewel in Bisbee’s crown.   The Copper Queen Hotel, built in 1898 during the height of the mining boom, was created as lodging for Phelps Dodge Corporation mining employees and dignitaries.  Despite its reputation as one of the most haunted hotels in Arizona, The Copper Queen has remained the longest continuously operating hotel in the state.  The most famous ghostly resident is Julia Lowell, a former prostitute who fell in love with one of her clients, then killed herself when he did not return her love.  Julia supposedly whispers in men’s ears and plays with their feet. The Copper Queen has been featured on both Ghost Adventures and Ghost Hunters for its paranormal activities, but guests of The Copper Queen can purchase a ghost hunt package, or stay in one of the specialty rooms to catch a glimpse of one of the ghosts for themselves.  For more information about The Copper Queen Hotel, visit their website.

Jerome Grand Hotel, Jerome

Photo by Beth Oliver

Photo by Beth Oliver

Sitting 5,240 feet above Verde Valley, The Jerome Grand Hotel overlooks the old copper mining town of Jerome. Jerome Grand Hotel has seen its share of paranormal activity, starting when it was the United Verde Hospital from 1927-1950.  When copper mining operations stopped in 1950, Jerome became a veritable ghost town, and the building sat empty for 44 years.  The hotel was purchased and renovated by the Altherr family in 1994.  Reports of a woman in white, as well as strange noises (slamming of doors, coughing, heaving breathing) have been witnessed at the hotel. The hotel offers ghosts hunts for $30 per person as part of a hotel package, with a 10% discount on hotel stay.  For more information and book reservations, visit their website.

The Hermosa Inn, Scottsdale

Photo courtesy of the Hermosa Inn

Photo courtesy of the Hermosa Inn

The Hermosa Inn has a reputation as one of the finest boutique hotels in the world, receiving several travel awards including “Top 50 Small Hotels in the US” by Zagat; and Top 500 Hotels in the World” by Travel and Leisure (2012).  It is also supposedly haunted by its original owner, Lon Megargee.  The ghost of Lon is known to wander the hallways late at night, break glasses and bottles, and flush toilets, all while wearing his trademark Stetson hat. There are also reports of a “lady in long pink dress”, who “floats” on the bridge near the hotel pool.  From October 1 – November 3rd, the Hermosa Inn offers the Hermosa Hauntings Package starting at $296.00, including overnight stay, two “Zombie” cocktails, and a guided ghost tour of the property…you may even run into Lon!  To book a Hermosa Hauntings package, call 602.955.8614 (toll free at 800.241.1210) or visit The Hermosa Inn website and use promo code Haunting.

Hotel Monti Vista, Flagstaff

Photo courtesy of The Monti Vista Hotel

Photo courtesy of The Monti Vista Hotel

Once a hotel destination for movie stars such as Bob Hope, Ester Williams, and Gary Cooper, the Hotel Monti Vista now hosts a few “guests” who won’t leave.  The Hotel Monti Vista was a popular speakeasy during the prohibition, frequented by cowboys, prostitutes, and bank robbers.  Supposedly several murders took place on the premises, and some of the resident “ghosts” include a bank robber, a few protstitutes, a bellboy, and a baby “crying” in the basement.  John Wayne supposedly saw a ghost while staying at the hotel!  The Hotel Monti Vista has been featured on several television programs, including Unsolved Mysteries.  For more information visit

Hassayampas Inn, Prescott

Hassayampas Inn

Photo courtesy of Hassayampas Inn

According to legend, a young bride (Faith) checked into the Hassayampas Inn in 1927 with her new husband.  He went out for cigarettes and never came back, and after waiting for three days, she took her own life.  Since then, Faith has been seen (and heard) wandering the halls, at the end of guest beds, and in the kitchen, forever sobbing for her husband.  For more information about the Hassayampas Inn, visit their website.

Would you have the courage to stay at any of these five haunted hotels in Arizona, or have you already stayed at one of these?  Tell me about your experience!

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I love haunted places! I’m adding all of these to my must visit someday list.


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