Find Anything With The Tile App

written by Julie Cohn

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Find Anything With The Tile App

I have a habit of losing my keys inside my house.  I leave them on the bathroom counter, inside the pocket of the jeans I wore earlier in the day,  or nestled among the blankets on my bed.  Once, I even found them in the refrigerator!  It’s not like I am purposefully being irresponsible–I have a hook in the laundry room to put them on, where they stay 98% of the time.  It’s the 2% that I worry about–I don’t realize I’ve lost them until I am running late for an appointment or picking my son up from school, then spend a frantic 10 minutes trying to find them.  Fortunately, I now have an easy solution for finding my lost keys (and phone, and wallet, and….) because I can find anything with Tile.

{I received a Tile to sample, but received no monetary compensation.  My opinions are 100% my own.}

How Tile Works

First, go to the Tile website and purchase the number of Tile “chips” you need.  When you receive the tiles, download the Tile app to your iOS or Android device, register your account, activate the tiles, and attach them to the item you want tracked.  Tile is a small computerized “tile” with blue tooth capability, which attaches to your valuables–in my case, my keys.

Tile App 2

To locate my keys, I use the Tile app downloaded to my iPhone to send a signal to the Tile chip that is attached to my keys.  The Tile App on my phone shows me when I am near my keys, and the Tile can even audibly notify me with a signal.  Instead of searching for 10 minutes, with no idea where they might be, I can locate them in 20 seconds with the Tile app!   If you lose an item in a public place, you can indicate so on the Tile app, and other Tile users devices can help you locate your item.  Check out this video to see exactly how it works…


Where You Can Use Tile

Tile App 4

The Tile chip is not just great for keys, it can also be attached to digital devices, such as an iPad, Kindle, laptop, or phone.  Place one in a purse or wallet–you can even place the Tile inside a suitcase, so you never have lost luggage again!  Tile can be used for skateboards, bicycles, even for locating your car in a busy parking lot!

My Thoughts

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I love how easy it was to find my keys.  I hit the find button on my phone and it immediately sends a signal to the Tile on my keys, letting me know the keys were near.  The map shows where the keys are located, and for places, such as inside my house, the tile also plays a digital song so I could find the keys by sound.  I’ll be honest–each Tile chip is $25 and I think $25 is expensive for one Tile chip, so would probably not use it for a pair of sunglasses or something of less value, but would absolutely purchase these for valuables.  My son is going off to college next year, so I will definitely get him the four-chip package (discounted by 30%) for him, so he can keep track of his wallet, his laptop,  his iPad, and his bicycle.

For more information about Tile, visit their website.  You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.

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Shobha 06/24/2015 at 11:49 pm

I got the tile app too! Works a treat. Well, I got it for my husband who is constantly losing his house keys, taking my house keys and then losing them too. Now, marital harmony is restored (at least on that front!).

Mary Frances 06/25/2015 at 7:14 am

What a handy tool! There’s an app for everything these days.


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