Family Travel Wish List Jars

written by Julie Cohn
 These family travel wish list jars are the perfect way to plan and and save for family vacations!  Use the blank strips to give each family member an equal say in where you go.  If you have the time and money to go to more than one place, you can always use pull more than one selection from the jar.  Since there are only three in our family, we wrote two wish list destination ideas. 
  • Take four jars (a canning jar is the perfect size), one for each season. If you plan for one big vacation a year, use just one jar and one set of the wish list tabs.
  • Cut each season’s wish list tab strips out, then have each family member write their favorite wish list destination for that season. 
  • Throw the tab strips in a jar, then have one family member pull one out for your destination selection.
  • Use the jars to save your pennies (and dimes…and quarters) for each family wish list trip.  This is a great way to get children involved in the finances for vacation travel, and they will feel a sense of pride at being able to contribute to family trips.  
  • Trips do not have to be far-off destinations; they can be to the local zoo, to the mountains an hour from your house, or to a favorite ice cream parlor!  You can even make one jar for a “dream” destination, and one for local activities. 


Here is a printable version, so you can print the pages out for your own family.   What are some of your wish list places to go?







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