Consultation Fees + Concierge Services

Booking & Consultation Fees

As a professional travel planner, I do charge booking & consultation fees for various services. While this may seem unreasonable to some people, I am a service professional, I go above and beyond for all my clients, and just as other professionals in a service industry, I expect to be paid for my time and experience.

Most airlines no longer offer commission to travel agents, but air can be one of the most important components of your travel plans, so unlike many travel agents who no longer book air for their customers, I do book air, but charge a booking fee for all air reservations booked through Cork Fork & Passport Travel. Many cruise and tour packages are non-commissionable as well, but because I am a full-service agency, I want to still be able to offer all travel to you, so I charge booking fees for those services.

Most travel plans, even basic hotel and air take time to research and book the best routing, traveler customizations, pricing, invoicing, and itinerary customization. More extensive itineraries, including customized itineraries, Disney packages, honeymoon, family, and group tour packages take more time for research and itinerary development.  Some packages may take days, with lots of tweaking, to finalize.

Think about it this way.  I am here to make your life easier, to save you time and money, and offer you extras you may not get by booking on your own or with another agent.  As an professional travel consultant with over 20+ years’ experience, you are paying me for my time and expertise.

BASIC FEE STRUCTURE (All fees are non-refundable)

  • $25 booking fee for basic car/hotel reservations
  • $30 (per hour) booking fee for FIT and group reservations
  • $20 (per person) booking fee for domestic airline tickets
  • $25 -75 (per person) booking fee for international airline tickets (depending on routing)
  • $100 booking fee for standard cruise and tour reservations
  • $25 for basic Disney bookings | $100 for Disney packages with tickets, dining, etc.
  • $250 booking fee for honeymoon and group family packages
  • Corporate travel services vary

Note: These fees do not include any airline/cruise/tour required fees. Booking + consultation fees may be waived at agent discretion.

Booking & Consultation Fees1

Concierge Services

When you travel, you don’t want to be bothered searching for restaurants, grocery services, golf tee times, etc.  As part of my amenities, I also offer full concierge services and bookings including port excursions, city tours, family activities, golf and spa reservations, restaurant recommendations/reservations, grocery service and more.  The following is a list of some of the concierge services I offer, as well as the fees for each of these services.  If something is missing from the list, just ask and I can accommodate you!

  • Event Tickets (Concert/Music, Sports, Theater)
  • Restaurant Reservations
  • Golf Tee Times
  • Tennis Lessons/Court Times
  • Spa Visits
  • Surf Lessons/Board Rentals
  • Sailboat Lessons/Rentals
  • Ski Rentals/Lessons
  • Limousine/Sedan Services
  • Private Jet
  • Wheelchair/Electric Cart Rental
  • Theme Park Tickets
  • Theme Park Speciality Dining or Private Tours
  • Visa/Passport Services
  • Personal Shopping + Grocery Delivery
  • Gift Delivery
  • and more!

To request concierge services, please fill out this concierge request form.