Build A Strong Body After 50

by Julie Cohn
Build A Strong & Fit Body After 50

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In 2021, I am determined to do more to firm up and strengthen my muscles and Build A Strong Body After 50 so I can be my absolute best self. For me, building a stronger body after age 50 could be achieved by incorporating regular strength training, cardio, and flexibility exercises into my routine. It was also important to focus on proper form and technique to avoid injury (no throwing that hip out while jumping rope!).  The following are some of my best tips to building a stronger body.

(This post is sponsored by Silver&Fit but opinions are my own.)

2020 was all about healthy eating, losing weight, and getting fitter. After losing almost 100 pounds, I look and feel wonderful! I have more energy, more motivation, and look healthier…mostly. I lost five clothing sizes so my clothes fit a lot better, but I was also left with a lot of odd “jiggly parts”. You know what I mean, right? As a woman over 50, everything seems to sag a little more. Plus, when people lose a lot of weight, they are left with loose skin that has nowhere to go; the wings under the arms that flap in the breeze, the loose skin around the belly…you know…. “jiggly parts”. 

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Build A Strong Body After 50

Getting older has not slowed me down. Quite the opposite, in fact. I am healthier than I have been in years and am determined to be even stronger and healthier.

In January 2020, I started a daily walking/running cardio routine. By April, once the pandemic hit, I doubled my efforts, building my walking up to 5-6 miles a day, about 15,000 steps. By summer, I incorporated some running into my routine, but running is hard on my joints, so I focused on working smarter, not harder with power walks.

Walking has been great for losing weight and building leg muscle, but not the best for toning the upper body where most of my “jiggly parts” are. I decided my focus this year will be to work on upper body strength and firm some of my loose skin, so in addition to walking, I started taking some of the online fitness classes offered by Silver&Fit that focus on building muscle and strengthening my core. 

Silver&Fit At Home Program

Silver&Fit is one of the nation’s leading health and exercise programs for older adults, with free online fitness classes available on YouTube and Facebook Live. Their main goal is to help keep older adults stay healthy and they do so with a variety of yoga, cardio, strength training, and dance classes for all levels of fitness including beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes. Bonus? Silver&Fit’s newest 2021 classes are set in gorgeous international locations like Mexico and the Dominican Republic so even though I can’t travel right now, I can feel like I am doing yoga on the beach from the comfort of my own living room.

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Silver&Fit offers several 30-minute fitness classes each day, with the international series streaming live Monday – Friday at 5 pm ET/2 pm PT. I started with a Silver&Fit beginner international yoga class, then tried an international cardio class. I quickly discovered that before I take any other classes, I need to work more on my balance and flexibility, and fortunately, Silver&Fit has an international class for that too! Once I master my coordination, I am going to try Tai Chi next.

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The following are some of the highlights of the classes:

  • Fitness workouts are free and available to take live or stream later at your convenience, 24 hours a day. Because they are located on YouTube and Facebook Live, you can go back to a previously recorded class whenever you would like.
  • You can access classes from any device that has Wi-Fi, including a computer, tablet, phone, or smart tv. When I am traveling again, I will be able to access these classes from anywhere in the world.
  • The workouts do not require fancy fitness equipment. Some classes suggest a yoga mat, small dumbbells, and/or a kitchen chair, but none are required to take a class. They even suggest small water bottles if you do not have dumbbells.
  • Classes emphasize learning at your own pace. If you have trouble with a movement or routine, just rewind and try again to slow things down. I quickly discovered I lacked coordination and was thankful for that rewind button!
  • The fitness instructors are pleasant, easy to understand, and knowledgeable about fitness. I also appreciate that they are older too and understand older bodies, making it easier to build a strong body after 50.
  • The international locations they use for classes are beautiful and relaxing. Silver&Fit take me away!
  • Because they have fitness classes are all levels, you can start as a beginner and move to the next level as you gain experience, strength, and confidence.
  • The music used for the fitness classes is pleasant and not distracting to the fitness routine or instructor.
  • Every instructor emphasizes hydrating with water while taking a class, so have a water bottle handy.
  • The classes are fun and interesting, each class is over before you know it!

Do you have any fitness goals for 2021? I can affirm that with a little motivation and some hard work, you can build a strong body after 50. Try a few Silver&Fit workouts for yourself and let me know which ones you like best! 

To find out more about Silver&Fit, follow them on the following social media channels:

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