A Healthy Life

In August 2019, I started a journey to healthier living.  It has not been easy, but it has been absolutely worthwhile.  I am not a health professional and do not pretend to be one, I am just someone who is dedicated to living a healthy life realistically and have taken active steps to change my eating habits.  Always consult your health professional before making changes to your diet or health goals.  Please join me as I share recipe ideas, fitness & nutrition tips. and the trials and rewards of maintaining a healthier life from a midlife perspective!  

A Healthy Life

Healthy Eating


Healthy Lifestyle

If you would like a nurturing and supportive place to share your journey to healthier living, please join our Healthy Midlife Living Facebook group here (you must agree to the rules before you will be admitted.)  

A Healthy Life
Healthy Midlife Living
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Healthy Midlife Living is a private discussion group for midlife individuals seeking a realistic healthy lifestyle for the mind and body. Midlife is …